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We would like to introduce a new tool – Combine Simulator. Thanks to this tool you can learn a lot about combine mechanics and you can find the best strategy to obtain as much rare equipment as you can. Combine simulator tracks your combine attempts and provides you with useful statistics. These statistics can help you with decision making to see whether you have enough resources for further attempts or whether you need to grind for more equipment.

How the Combine Simulator works:

1. First select Weapon or Armor equipment type
2. Select Grade with which would you like to Combine
3. Select initial equipment
4. Select material equipment
5. Attempt to Combine
6. Statistics of your Combine run
7. Tracks each of your attempt
8. Copy link to share your results
9. Share your results directly on your Facebook wall
10. Restart your combine progress and start another with new equipment

Start your Combining here

All your combine attempts can be shared via generated link or posted directly on Facebook. You can also post your results into comments of this article to show others your success with combine. Sharing your results has an output like this.

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