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We would like to bring you hot news about upcoming changes to Lineage 2 Revolution game. Netmarble released interesting information about a new major Content Update. Update will bring a lot of exciting content and it is planned to release after mid-March. Today we are going to introduce two unique new features: Cloaks and Temporal Rift.

Cloaks are new type of equipment that can be equipped in a new unique equipment slot. Cloak Equipment Slot is unlocked after your character reaches Lv.75. After that you’ll go through a Cloak Tutorial and a basic Cloak will be given to your character. Cloaks can be acquired from various content (Clan, Shop, Tutorial), but most powerful cloaks came from the Temporal Rift Dungeon, its basics and mechanics are explained below.

Summarised information:

  • Unlocks at Lv.75
  • Can be acquired from Temporal Rift, Clan, Shop or Tutorial
  • Each Cloak has its own unique effect and randomized substats
  • Works similar to Titles – owned, but unequipped cloaks are also applied to your stats and increase combat power.

Temporal Rifts:
Temporal Rift is a new dungeon designated to party gameplay where enemy monsters are much stronger than usual. This offers a great opportunity to party oriented players, because different strategies and cooperation between players are essential to successfully clear the dungeon. If you prefer more strategic and less auto-play, Temporal Rifts will be the right place for you.

You can enter the dungeon only in party, which needs to have 2 to 5 members. There is a friendly NPC at the beginnings of the Rift, from which you get a quest. Once quest inside the dungeon starts, time limit of the dungeon starts as well. Monsters in the dungeon have plenty of HP so if you don’t have enough party members or your overall party combat power is not strong enough it will be difficult to clear the dungeon in time.

Rewards after successful clearance of Rift are divided in two types:

Granted Random
Cloak Strengthening Material Cloak
Temporal Rift Boss Monster Core Maphr’s Protection
Blessed Enhancement Scroll



Other information about Temporal Rifts:

  • Players must defeat a mid-boss and a final boss to clear the dungeon
  • All bosses have high stats, each of them with a unique attack
  • Penalty will be applied to players that leave the party during the quest

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