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Introducing a new Class Guide for Lineage 2 Revolution game. The Guide contains a total of 36 individual classes (12 first occupation + 24 second occupation). Classes are divided into four base races, each race having three basic classes available (Warrior, Rogue and Mystic). After player reaches level 31 he is able to select second occupation according to his first occupation and race.

Class Guide provides basic information and characteristics about all playable classes. Here you can find your favorite class according to your preferred play style, learn more about class strategy, discover whether the class is more capable in PvE or PvP, solo or party oriented, single target or AOE based. Guide also covers recommended equipment for each class including preferred accessories sets and all available skills . You can also explore all sub-classes dressed in different armors and grades.

All these class information can be found in the class tree shown below. Simply click on the class that interests you.

Human Class Path

Elf Class Path

Dark Elf Class Path

Dwarf Class Path

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