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Netmarble revealed what we can expect from the planned Major Update in Lineage 2 Revolution game. According to unconfirmed information, the update will be released on 2.5.2018, but another source argues with 8.5.2018. It is the third major update announced since the Global Release was introduced. Update is primarily aimed at new content in the game. Look closer at upcoming changes.

Castle Siege introduced:
With the new content update a Castle Siege will be added to the game. It’s a new unique massive online PvP battle for up to 200 players. You probably haven’t seen anything similar on your mobile device and you can expect amazing PvP experience. It’s a battle where four clans can compete. There will be 1 defending clan and 3 attacking clans. Attacking clans can attack each other (except alliance clans) or can cooperate in progress of the battle, but only one clan can be the winner of the battle. The Clan who imprints Holy Artifact of the castle will be marked as conquering clan and will be the winner of the battle. If no one imprints a Holy Artifact, a defending clan wins.

As Castle Siege is a battle where 200 players meet in a one place, organization and strategy is a crucial. For this purpose Clan Leaders and Elders can ping a location on the minimap. This will help with better organization of your team. But you should know that a minimap ping can be seen by all castle siege participants. This can be used for defensive or offensive strategies as well as for confusing the enemy.

Watch on Castle Siege introduction teaser

Level Capacity increased:
As many heroes around the World of Aden have reached their current maximum level (Lv. 180), there are only few other challenges to further progress in the game, such as collecting resources and aiming to upgrade themselves (Equipment, Runes, Elixirs etc.). Good news for all of them is the new maximum level capacity limit that will be increased from present Lv.180 to Lv.260. This change grants new challenges and opportunities to Lineage 2 Revolution and officially brings reasons to grind more. Because of the new maximum level capacity, Quests, Achievements, Elixirs, Skill Runes, Monster Codexes and more will be adjusted according to the Max Level.

Note: Your Mastery remains unchanged. This change will not have an affect to your already earned Masteries and you will be able to earn new Mastery for each new level until you reach Lv.260. After that, only Masteries will be earned for experience.

Oren Territory added:
Oren Territory provides new adventures for strong heroes. Oren areas are designated for character Lv. 180 and higher. Three new areas will be added: Northwind Plateau, Eternal Lands and the Ivory Tower Conquered Territory. Here you can also find known monsters from Lineage 2 PC game such as Oel Mahum, Timak Orc or Leto Lizardman.

Likewise Oren Boss/Rare Monster Summoning Stones will be added to the game, they help you progress with your Monster Codex.

Dungeon Difficulties hardened:
Dungeons and their difficulties will also be expanded to accommodate level expansion and content changes. Difficulty changes are listed below.

  • Daily Dungeon – Hell Difficulty added
  • Temple Guardian – Hell Difficulty added
  • Forest of Secrets, Forest of Secrets Understory, Ivory Tower Catacomb Laboratory added as new Elite Dungeons
  • Tower of Insolence Maximum Floor expanded to 90

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