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Patch Notes

August update is coming and brings a bunch of changes. Firstly, you can look closer at Academy Clan feature that brings opportunity for low level characters join to the strongest clans. After that you should discover Equipment Collection – a new way how to obtain additional stats for your character. And at the end you can climb up higher in the Tower of Insolence. Many other improvements and fixes will be also available. Continue reading to learn more about upcoming changes.

Patch details:

Academy Clan:
It is a new Clan feature available for characters from Lv.10 to Lv.180 who want to join and participate in a Clan. It’s a good place where the low-level characters can start and enjoy a clan content. Being a member of Academy Clan has some restrictions and not all clan functions are available as you know, but you can freely join or leave without getting any penalty. Some benefits will be also automatically available, such as Lord’s Favor buff or Fireplace at predefined time. Once an Academy member reaches Lv.181 and join to a normal Clan, he will receive a graduation gift.

Equipment Collection:
Is a new feature where you should collect and strengthen equipment, to obtain additional stats to your game character. There are 4 categories to strengthen (Level, Enhancement, Attribute, Limit Break). You can reach from Tier 1 up to Tier 5 by strengthening categories. Each reached tier granting a bonus stat to your character. Each tier can be also achieved on different equipment available to your class. Once you receive Tier 5 in all collection goals, you will be rewarded with title.

Tower of Insolence
Tower of Insolence has been expanded up to 120th Floor.

New Features:
Clan preferences feature has been added. Clan Leader can now select and configure preferences on Clan. Preferences includes language, play style, play time etc. Preferences are visible to all players who want to join.

Improvements and fixes:
Guillotine World Boss HP was increased. Also maximum party size was changed from 100 to 200 players.
Chat reporting function has been added.
Auto-skip cutscene function has been added to the game options.

New items, limited offers and discounted items are available in the game shop. Also some items availablity in the shop has been changed. Check it and improve your overall character stats.

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